honey bunny (letsgetdigital) wrote,
honey bunny

though it's been sweltering for a while

today is the first official day of summer!!!!!!!
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Humbug! I'm more than willing to skip the summer months and go straight to winter. Anyone know how? Chemically-induced coma, maybe?
oh come on! so cold. don't ruin our summer love!
we live too far away from the beach for any relief. damn the summer, Doldy is right.
hmm, if only there was some place that all yall could carpool too, enjoy the beach and quaint tourist town, spend the night somewhere pleasant, eat a nice breakfast, more beach, more enjoyment, a late and lazy evening back to jacksonville, gosh, I really wish I knew of such a place, hmm, oh well.
Yeah, it definetly is too hot to do anything outside.

Where's the swimming hole in Riverside hiding?