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honey bunny

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hahaaaaaaaaaaaa [09 Oct 2008|11:37pm]

EDGEWATER, Fla. - A woman is recovering in Florida after a dolphin hit her when it leaped aboard the boat she was in.

The Coast Guard says witnesses called 911 Thursday after seeing the dolphin jump from the Intracoastal Waterway and hit Barbara Howard of Mansfield, Ohio. Howard was sitting in an 18-foot boat with her husband, their daughter and their daughter's boyfriend.

The Howards say the dolphin jumped about six feet high and landed on the bow. They say it slid in their laps and its thrashing tail knocked them to the deck. Their daughter's boyfriend rolled the dolphin back into the water.

The husband and wife were treated at a hospital for cuts and bruises and released.

that bitch better twitch
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say what? [28 Aug 2008|10:06am]
this week has been rough for a few reasons all having to do with love. too much, not enough and both at the same time. im just ready to spend time with my favorite folk and fuggetuhboutittttttttttttt.
no birthday blues for me!
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everyday [17 Jul 2008|04:35pm]
"showers likely, thunderstorms possible".

ummm TELL ME IF IT'S GOING TO RAIN!!!!!!!!!!
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ummm [11 Jul 2008|01:53pm]
i need this

or i could just put my retainer on a chain. ahhhhaaaaaaa
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so [25 Jun 2008|11:35am]
who knew a fever could cause a fever blister...or five?

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want to kill me?cool! [23 Jun 2008|03:59pm]
i have a kidney infection and im currently swimming in a pool of sweat.wtf?
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though it's been sweltering for a while [20 Jun 2008|09:05am]
today is the first official day of summer!!!!!!!
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gulp [14 Jun 2008|11:04am]
howl at the moon

confessions of a dangerous douche [19 May 2008|12:14am]
because only 4 people read this anyway.

it's really been bothering me lately that i can't remember ANYTHING.alcohol consumption has something to do with it, but not completely.can anything be done?i mean, on saturday i had to ask my friend what i wore friday night.granted, friday night was fucked.i walked home from college street by myself at four in the morning.not a long distance, but still stupid.luckily, i didn't see a soul and if a soul saw me, carrying my shoes, phone, keys and mace, they probably steered clear.also, i never go to sleep.when i shut my eyes that morning, the sun was up.

oh, could someone make a dress with sleeves?i know it's summer and im all about the sketti strap, but it's not too croosh to have your tits flopping around in the office.

forget all that.seriously, how is it monday?

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goodness [08 May 2008|11:30pm]
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two words: pet rocks [20 Apr 2008|04:16pm]
how long do THEY seriously expect you to keep up with a installation disk for your camera?i mean, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

sooooooo i got a sweet computer and i have pictures to upload but apparently that's never going to happen.

other than that, things are croosh.totes.vites.

it's summer!POOF!
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hey 8th grade, sup? [15 Mar 2008|09:19am]
oh, people i've never talked to hating me.

just like old times!
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CELEBRITY SIGNING [06 Mar 2008|11:42am]
im typing david garrard's title policies for his 2.9 million dollar house!

his signature is crizzle.
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cheese-y [01 Mar 2008|09:49pm]
howl at the moon

some things [28 Feb 2008|10:09am]
-i just typed a policy for a house in a subdivision called DAWSON'S CREEK.no joke!

-going to see vampire weekend in orlando.by myself!it's during the week, so no one can go.im pretty excited about going it alone.as long as nothing stupid happens.i don't want to take 95, so i'll be going through the ocala national forest which is pretty cool.

-one of the assistants at my orthodontist office told me i remind her of this latina singer for a band called belanova.


-neely's new nickname is "chambers".

that's all.
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fiver! [28 Feb 2008|09:32am]

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the marks residence [20 Feb 2008|08:31pm]

today is my parents 25th wedding anniversary.
(yes, that means my mom was 3 months pregnant on the holy day)
(and yes, that means i was a living human being when my mom was younger than i am now.AHHHHHHHHHH!)

they're crazy, but i love 'em.i kinda think that's how they feel about eachother too.

anyway, raise a glass to margaret and larry today!

yeah, like that!
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im seriously going to cry [19 Feb 2008|09:56am]
so, yesterday i was supposed to go to cafe 11 and get tickets for vampire weekend.i had to take my car in to get an oil change and have them look at my ac (it broke saturday).they said it'd take about 2 hours.7 hours later i get my car back, um FUCK who cares, the fucking show is SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now i have to go to the courthouse.
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yes, i have another one!!!!! [13 Feb 2008|01:01pm]
my fever blister medicine says they can be caused by:

-cold or hot weather
-trauma to your lips
-fever, cold or flu

oh, ok. im glad we cleared that up.
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good weekend, gleat rleclod [11 Feb 2008|11:03am]
i want to listen to vampire weekend alllllllll the live long day.

i can't wait to see them!!!i haven't seen a band i really like in a long time.

saw juno with j&p (heyyyyy, i see a pattern here!)
i enjoyed it and loved hearing belle and sebastian.i've been listening to them a lot lately.shed a tear or two which was needed.

played b-ball and did some toe touches.

i'm having a hard time concentrating on work today.

howl at the moon

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